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2) Don't let your account go on, "Vacation Mode," due to bounces, as we delete all accounts that have been on, "Vacation Mode," after 30 days. When an account is deleted, any ads you have in the system will also be purged. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 gmail account for every 20 to 25 traffic sites.

3) The Referral System uses a, "cookie," which will expire within 24-hours. So if you have clicked on someone's ad withing the past 24-hours, it will show their information as the Referrer. Simply clear your browser's cookies, restart the browser, and you will see your information as the referrer.

4) FireFox works BEST on this site. Chrome, not so much.

5) Something EVERY Internet Marketer should do once a week for peak performance, is to clear your browser's history, cache, and cookies. Then reboot your computer so you are starting 100% fresh. This will prevent your browser from bogging down, and annoying issues like not being credited for clicking an ad shouldn't be an issue.

6) If you have an issue, or for some reason a purchase did not automatically add to your account, please submit a support ticket with as much detail as possible. Be sure to include the site you are requesting support, and your username at that site, to help speed up your support response.

If you use my Support Desk, and not the actual site support, you will receive a response the same day, or no latter than 72-hours if it's a holiday or weekend. If you have not received a response within 72-hours, please re-submit your ticket, just in case the ticket didn't get logged.

To your online success!

Dave Mosher

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