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Elite Member Digital  Bonuses

Recurring Income Masterclass

Discover the power of membership sites and learn how to create a sustainable, recurring income stream with the Recurring Income Masterclass. This comprehensive course is designed to guide you through the process of building and growing a successful membership site, even if you have no prior experience or expertise.

Inside the Recurring Income Masterclass, you'll find a step-by-step blueprint that covers everything from conceptualizing your membership idea to attracting and retaining subscribers.

The course covers the following key topics:
1.    Understanding membership sites and how they work
2.    Exploring the benefits of adding recurring revenue to your business
3.    Developing your membership site idea and value proposition
4.    Choosing the right membership model for your niche
5.    Setting up and launching your membership site
6.    Creating compelling content and resources for your members
7.    Attracting new members through effective marketing strategies
8.    Engaging and retaining members for long-term success
9.    Optimizing and scaling your membership site for growth

By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge and skills needed to create a 6-figure recurring income stream that can provide you with financial freedom and stability.

In addition to the main course material, the Recurring Income Masterclass comes with several fast-action bonuses to enhance your learning experience. These include a printable checklist to keep you on track, a resource cheat sheet with all the essential tools and links mentioned in the course, and a mind map to help you visualize your membership site's success roadmap.

Don't waste any more time trying to figure out online business on your own. Invest in the Recurring Income Masterclass today and gain access to the proven strategies and techniques used by top online entrepreneurs. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start your journey towards creating a profitable, recurring income stream and take control of your financial future with the Recurring Income Masterclass.

Etsy Profits

This guide is packed with valuable information that will help you build your first Etsy store, step-by-step.

Unlike traditional entertainment books, this guide has the potential to positively transform your life.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, your creativity will not only become more recognized by your audience but also has the potential to be profitable.

Here’s a look at what you can learn inside this guide:
•    Learn how to get started from scratch, even if you’ve never used Etsy before
•    Get a breakdown and deeper understanding of product listings and how to create one that can be a surefire winner
•    Find out why visuals are the most vital element to your product listings
•    Create a store that matches your brand and business model - right down to the little details
•    Improve your visibility by learning the best SEO practices and strategies so you choose keywords that are more about buyer-intent
•    Harness the power of social media beyond its ability to provide appealing visuals
•    Handle customer service like a pro so you can retain your most loyal buyers while taking negative reviews and turning them into a learning experience
•    Is it time to scale your Etsy business? Find out when it may be a good time to do so
•    Worried about the financial aspect of the biz? Learn how to handle it like a pro so you don’t have to make critical mistakes
•    Create a price strategy that will be a win-win for both you and your customers
•    And so much more!

Tik Tok Ad Mastery

Tik Tok is a social media short-form video app that has nearly 1 Billion active users  and is currently the world's fastest-growing app.

It's especially popular with younger generations, and it's often used to create viral trends and challenge videos.

Tik Tok is a great way to connect with friends and family, discover new trends and explore different cultures. It’s also a great platform for budding creators to showcase their talents and grow their fan base.

This guide will assist you in learning how Tik Tok Advertisements work and how you can access them to develop a more effective marketing approach.

Topics covered:
•    What is Tik Tok?
•    Origin of Tik Tok
•    Who Can Use it?
•    Statistical Verification of Tik Tok
•    Everything About Features in Tik Tok
How to Make a Tik Tok Account?
•    How to Make a Video on TikTok
•    How to Grow on TikTok?
•    How Does the Marketing and Advertising Work on Tik Tok?
•    Difference Between Alt and Elite Tik Tok.
•    Monetization from Tok Tok
•    And much more!

The Side Hustlers Blueprint

There is something that you possess that is enough to start a side hustle. And here’s the best part: you can get paid using those skills and talents to help others.

The sooner you learn the “in’s and outs” of building a profitable side business that will earn you more money, the more confident you’ll feel in getting the job done.

If it can be done online, you can serve people the world over. That’s the beauty of a side hustle.

With this ebook you will discover how to start a side hustle so you can earn more money and have total financial freedom.

Here is what you will learn in this guide
•    Learn how to embrace the kind of mindset you need to build your side hustle.
•    Identify profitable opportunities by assessing your skills, researching the market, and evaluating your ideas.
•    Plan for success with the help of creating a simple business plan while setting goals that you can easily achieve.
•    Build an online presence that will help you reach your ideal customers from all over the world.
•    Effective marketing strategies to help you get the word out. Even if you have nothing to spend in your marketing budget.
•    Time management strategies to help you invest more of it into your side hustle while achieving the best work/life balance possible.
•    Scaling and growing your side hustle and strategies to get it done with ease.
•    Overcoming the challenges that come with building a side hustle while improving your success rate for years to come.
And so much more!   
Includes ready sales materials!

Facebook Ad Secrets

FB Ad Secrets is designed for beginners who wants to learn and for existing marketers who wants to sharpen their FB advertising skills.

In this 4-week online training program, you will discover the secrets on how to create your FB (and Instagram) ads effectively, how to optimize for better results, and ultimately generate qualified leads and profitable sales

Everything taught in this program is a result of hundreds of Ad Campaigns and tens of thousands of own dollars spent.

Topics covered:
•    Evergreen FB Marketing Formula
•    How To Create Your BF Business Account
•    How To Create Your FB Page
•    FB Page Crash Course
•    How To Create FB Pixel And Add To Your WordPress
•    Setting Up Your Ads Manager Column Breakdown
•    Understanding Ads Manager & Objectives
•    How To Create Custom Audience
•    How To Create Retargeting Ads & Save Lost Traffic
•    Advanced Retargeting Method
•    How To Tweak Your Ad Targeting
•    How To Spy On Competitors FB Ads
•    And much more

Video Marketing Profit Kit

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more!With video, you can pack a tremendous amount of verbal and non-verbal signals.

In other words, video is able to put a face to your brand and make your brand talk to the needs, fears, hopes, and aspirations of your prospective customers.

Sadly, too many marketers do video marketing WRONG!

With this course discover how to use video marketing to build a thriving online business!

You'll Learn How To:
•    Find Winning Video Topics
•    Create Persuasive Marketing Videos
•    Save Money On Video Creation
•    Make Money From Your Videos
Includes ready sales materials!

7 Figure Mastery

This e-book will provide you with the necessary strategies for you to set up your online business from scratch, even if you are not familiar with the Internet Marketing.

If you are a so called ‘newbie’ to Internet Marketing and you intend to set upyour own online business, it is imperative that you deal with the main technicalities which are the core of your online business.

You will learn about:
•    Necessities And Technicalities
•    Spying On The Market
•    The 7 Figure Mindset
•    Affiliate Marketing
•    The C.R.A.F.T Strategy
•    The Myth Of Affiliate Marketing
•    How To Choose The Best Selling Product To Promote
•    Criteria Of The Best Product
•    Killer Promo Secrets
•    Bonus Techniques
•    Types Of Killer Bonuses
•    Solo Ads To Market Your Business
•    Sales Funnel - The Basics
•    And much, much more!

Generating Big Traffic Using Link Exchanging

Web marketing does not have to be tedious and expensive! Attract targeted traffic to your site! All you need is to know the secrets of powerful link exchange. Learn some quick link exchanging tactics to earn high ROIs at low investment!

Developing a standalone website does not make much sense these days. With the increasing number of websites worldwide, individual websites tend to suffer from decreasing traffic. Webmasters have tested so many different techniques to attract visitors to their websites and gradually, these techniques have emerged into strategies that people use in order to generate traffic on a regular basis.

More visitors should generally result in a great conversion from visitors to customers, but in many cases, generating traffic on is just not enough to convert visitors into customers.

Many marketing forums and blogs communicate various strategies to generate more traffic to your site, but it is important to figure out which strategies work for you and your web business.

Below are the modules that you will find inside this guide:
•    Ebooks
•    Ecover Graphics
•    Sales Page
•    Squeeze Page

Clickbank Cash Success Secrets

Now YOU can master Google and create an online income! Do you want to learn the secrets of top Clickbank gurus? Get more traffic and dominate Clickbank today!

Are you bright enough to bring in cash online with Google? Are you even interested in recognizing how to earn online?! Maybe you would be if you knew that a few individuals would bring in great money online with Google and Clickbank and furthermore, they are able to do it from home. But there are a lot more who fail miserably.

This guide will set you on the correct road:
•    How To Do Keyword Research
•    Gauging Competition
•    Gauging The Advertising Demand For A Clickbank Keyword
•    Using Wordtracker
•    Using Paid Tools Like Market Samurai
•    Paid Traffic On Google Versus Free Traffic On Google
•    Finding Good Long Tail Keywords
•    Domain Name Selection
•    Choosing The Best Product Title For Your Keyword

Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business

Going online is the future for all organizations, big or small. Facebook is just one facet of this online presence. It offers some compelling methods for companies that wish to maximize their business reach.

There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to using Facebook, it has grown hugely in the last decade and now, it offers an awesome platform for marketing.

This guide's purpose is to discuss in detail what exactly Facebook is and how using it can help any small business become bigger than imagined through the power of social networking.

Simple Guide To Promoting Affiliate Products

The key to your affiliate success depends on the quality of your affiliate product. Associate yourself with an affiliate program that effectively supplements your product or service.Learn to choose your affiliate product with care and reason!

Look for programs that pay very high commissions. Determine who and what your competitors are and get ahead in the race.Upload content on your home website, advertise your product and increase your sales! Learn all the tricks of this competitive field and earn a passive income of potentially thousands a month!

Youtube Channel Income

With over a billion unique Youtube visitors per month, Youtube is one of the most visited and largest websites in the world. Also, it's one of the easiest platforms to get a huge amount of traffic for your brand.

This well researched and up-to-date eBook will show you :
•    How to set up a Youtube Channel Step by Step
•    How to start and run a New and successful YouTube Channel
•    How to promote Merchandise on Your Youtube Channel
•    What are the latest Youtube Marketing Trends in 2017
and much more!

Affiliate Marketing Kit

AFFILIATE MARKETING PROFIT KIT solves the following common yet fatal problems hounding both newbie and veteran affiliate marketers.

You will learn:
•    How to pick a niche that is most likely to earn you money
•    How to pick a conversion platform that will produce the most money with the least effort
•    How to create content your niche audience will actually want to read and share
•    How to select affiliate offers the smart and efficient way
•    How to build an affiliate marketing business that will stand the test of time and fickle consumer trends
•    Plain ENGLISH instructions: you don’t have to have to be an affiliate marketing veteran to understand and carry out its powerful and effective instructions
•    Actionable information: you get any THEORY with this PROFIT KIT. Instead, you get solid practical step by step instructions you can carry out RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!
•    Scalable information: you don’t get a ONE TRICK PONY instruction set that works NOW but will be USELESS TOMORROW. The AFFILIATE MARKETING PROFIT KIT worked in the past, is working now, and will CONTINUE TO WORK long into the future!
•    Powerful traffic generation strategies: most other ‘online income’ blueprints or affiliate marketing ‘guides’ completely leave out the most important part of affiliate marketing success:
•    TRAFFIC. You will get powerful information you can use to both GENERATE FREE TRAFFIC and handle PAID TRAFFIC the right way!
•    And much more!
Includes ready sales materials!

Evergreen Lead Business

Evergreen Lead Business is a complete, no holds barred guide that will propel you to the next level of your business - any business to be exact, in the least amount of time.

If you follow what is distilled inside religiously...

•    You'll be able to start and scale any business from zero to any level you desire.
•    You'll be able to work from anywhere you like and spend as little as 4 hours a week maintaining your highly profitable business
•    Or be able to keep your beloved job while running a profitable business on the side that beats your salary
 Here's What You'll Learn Inside
•    The mindset secret to be the ultimate figure of authority in your business niche and industry 
•    Discover the most important skill that can give you an unfair advantage. Use these to the hilt before your competitor's catch.
•    The ALL-TIME evergreen lead formula that will lure customer to your front door in masses, regardless of the economic condition
•    How to set up your own highly profitable evergreen lead generation in the easiest, slickest way possible
•    How to get high ticket clients that pay you well over the realm of 5 figures
•    How to autopilot your business so you'll be able to make money while you're sleeping or enjoying your vacation
•    A very simple step-by-step system for creating killer sales machine, one that will enable you to generate as much sales as you can handle
•    How to seat people to the brim for live events
•    Kickstart and validate any business idea you have and literally turn it into a cash cow on steroids!
•    and so much more!
Sales materials included!

List Building Profit Kit

List building requires strategic and systematic thinking. Otherwise, you’re going to fail. List Building Profit Kit walks you through the process of building a SUCCESSFUL and fully SCALABLE online BUSINESS.

Topics covered:
•    The one fatal mistake that continues to snag and kill so many would be online entrepreneurs’ dreams... and how to avoid it.
•    How to build your list marketing business on markets that actually exist and desperately need your product
•    How to cheaply maximize the value of your traffic system by identifying, using, and optimizing high quality third party contented
•    How to stop wasting money on weak, ineffective, or useless content through reverse engineering
•    How to OPTIMIZE your squeeze page to turbocharge your subscription rates
•    How to make changes strategically so your sales funnel to boost CONVERSION
•    How to segment your list to take your income to the next level
•    How to scale up your system in an intelligent and orderly way instead of just repeating a badly implemented plan over and over again
You will learn:
•    How to avoid picking markets that are actually slowly dying
•    How to use a TRIED and PROVEN formula for finding markets you’ll never get tired promoting and monetizing
•    How to get free information that will help you build a solid product with ready, willing, and eager demand
•    How to get your competitors to do your homework for you. Learn how to build on their strengths and avoid their costly mistakes
•    How to build up advanced demand for your product so you can get testimonials from eager customers on day one
•    How to set up a SALES FUNNEL that actually speaks to the real needs of your customers instead of taking wild guesses using generic templates
•    How to create a MARKETING SYSTEM for your sales funnel using free traffic sources

The Copywriter's Handbook

The ability to turn words into gold is probably the most important aspect of any marketer. If you can do this, it does not matter where you are in the world, you can make money from anywhere, anytime just from your words.

Today, modern entrepreneurs are making a killing using copywriting techniques in their businesses.

If you truly wish to be successful in your online business, you’ll have to learn the ropes of effective copywriting so that your readers will love you. Good copywriting practices is a learnable skill.

With this ebook you will learn everything you need to know about selling effectively on the internet.

Topics covered:
•    Basics Of Copywriting
•    Headline Essentials
•    USP vs. ESP
•    Call To Action
•    Handling Objections
•    Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
•    Swipe Files
•    Wrapping Up

Forum Marketing Money

From a marketing view point the forum marketing tool is used for various reasons but all having the basic intention of reaping in some form of revenue. Some forum marketing methods can be a good inspirational source while others can be really hardcore marketers.

With this ebook you will learn basics how to use forum marketing correctly.
•    Forum Basics
•    The Benefits Of Forum Marketing
•    How To Use Forum Marketing
•    Making Money With Forum Marketing
•    Forum Etiquette
•    What To Stay Away From

Blogging For Big Bucks

The blog commenting if done well and with a certain level of respect for other bloggers and their contributions can help form a very fruitful relationship between the various parties involved.

Leaving comments practice, can be made into an exercise or tool for marketing purposes. Blog remarking is among the best ways to acquire traffic to a blog and contrary to a lot of additional traffic generation methods it likewise has a few rules to follow if you wish to acquire the best from it.

With this ebook you will find out how to pull traffic to your blog.

Sales Funnel Mastery Gold Upgrade

Owning your own product is the key to making real money online. If you own the product, you can create a sales funnel that you control and you profit from at 100%.

Every Internet marketer makes most of his/her profits via the back-end of the sales funnel, NOT the front-end. The real money is made on the back-end of the sales funnel because that is where the higher-priced offers are normally made.

This book will help you to know exactly what a sales funnel is, how to create one, and how to maximize its potential so you get the most profit possible from it.

•    Introduction
•    Register Your Business With a Legal Business Name
•    Get A Second Address For Your Business
•    Open a Separate Business Bank Account
•    Open A Merchant Account
•    Set Up A New Google Account
•    Create A Free JVZoo Account
•    Set Up Your Business Website
•    Start Adding Products To Your Website
•    Start Sending Traffic To Your Site
•    Money Management
•    Conclusion

The Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation

Leverage the Power of Traffic Today and Say Goodbye to All Other Traffic Methods! Sit Back and Learn Some Real Traffic Methods Today!

The World Wide Web has truly pervaded all aspects of human existence. Everything and everyone is going online now, and the move towards a totally connected world is not “if” anymore, it’s “when”.

Statistics show that up to 85% of the people who spend time online also purchase online. If you take the North American continent alone where more than 75% of the population have a broadband Internet connection at home, even if a fraction of these people buy online, it is still a huge market.

Online purchasing is also seeing tremendous growth and many companies are projecting a doubling of volume in just three years. If you take PayPal as a case in point, they have gone from $2 billion in payment volumes in 2002 to $16 billion in 2009 with revenues crossing $2.4 billion.

Amazon is another case that you can take as an example. Considering that Amazon is one of the largest online retailers, if not the largest, just looking at their total sales volume will show you that the trend in terms of online purchasing is only going up. While just four years ago, in 2006, Amazon was about par with retail sales, since then they have posted higher growth rates, including during the recession years while retail sales has seen a steady decline in sales. Amazon has posted a 16% growth since the last one year alone while retail sales have grown only by 2.5%.

Online is where you will have to be in the future and whether you are selling something or just blogging about your thoughts, if you are serious about it you will have to do something to increase web traffic to your site.

There are a number of ways in which you can do this and there are a number of people who give free advice on what you need to do to increase web traffic. One of the most common things you hear is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and while this is something that you have to keep in mind, there are a number of other things that you can also think about.

This guide is meant to be informative to help beginners who want to set up their own websites on the salient points that they will have to keep in mind while they do this.